As a landlord, naturally your biggest fear is landing a bad tenant. Determined applicants may try to falsify information in the attempt to impress landlords and/or hide potential flaws in their application. This is why the applicant screening process is crucial. Most property management companies have their own screening procedures in place; not all are the same. Learning more about your potential property management company’s applicant screening process will help to ensure that they will be the best fit.

Here are some frequently asked questions to guide you on your mission in finding the ideal property management team.

  1. What are their screen methods? What are the tenant qualifications that are most important to them? Will they consider tenants that only meet half of the tenant qualifications?
  2. What are the tenant qualifications?
  3. How much is the tenant application fee?
  4. When renting out a unit to multiple adults, will each adult need to complete a separate application?
  5. How do you collect rent from tenants?
  6. Is potential tenant information easily accessible for approval and denial process of each applicant?
  7. What systems do you have in place to protect against rental scams?
  8. How many rental units do you manage?
  9. Are there any fees in the case that a property has no tenants?


Frontier Property Management’s applicant screening process is a user friendly, professional and extremely thorough experience. This includes, but is not limited to; verifying application information, contacting previous landlords, verifying income and employment statuses, credit report runs and more. At Frontier Property, we strive to ensure our clients comfort in knowing that we will fill your open rental properties with reliable and responsible tenants. Call or email us today to get started!